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A Real Story ……True Inspiration For Youths

The story might sound ordinary…Yes it’s real and fascinating. It’s about an Rickshaw driver who was able to take me to my destination which was far from my house. However, in the 10-12 minute manner, I observed and learned from this 63-year old man about how to achieve their goals and grow when they are focused on their goals.

It was the case when I was waiting in line for a rickshaw that would take me to a nearby location to interview and they were not willing to go. I was walking when I came across this rickshaw, and I stopped the driver. After I inquired to bring me at the destination I wanted to go, he swiftly agreed. I told him the my exact address and the conversation began, which was mostly a one-way conversation.

I began with a statement like “ye rickshaw wale hamesha , ye Kyu hai hai”(why do the rickshaw mates say”no every time”).

His first response came his immediate response in English “Madam that’s why I hate Rickshaw drivers” These guys aren’t educated and thus do not value time and neither they would like to help commuters. When he was speaking in English and Hindi, in the in my head I wondered how this man, who’s simply a rickshaw driver speaking so effortlessly in English.

While I was contemplating it, he recommenced talking to me, and everything his words really motivated me.

“I am an BSC graduate who finished my degree in 1975. In my profession I was an educator in the Govt. school for several years. Through those years I had a lot of struggles because I was a part of an extremely poor family, but it didn’t stop my growth. I managed to finish my studies and give my family members a better lifestyle. Today , I’m retired. even if I drive an automobile, it’s not for money only however, it is to keep myself active and fit to avoid feeling the burden of getting old and inactive.

My kids were required to learn to study and teach them how important education is. This has allowed them to choose their field and follow the way they want to go. Our son works as an IAS officer, and my daughter has become a teacher at an accredited college.”

When I continued to listen to his story, he was telling me,” I drive auto only for 3-4 hours during the day or in the afternoon, and all the time I tutor children and younger students. My primary goal was teaching the students the importance of education, to be a decent person, be respectful of all people, to assist others and contribute to good causes and all that will be accomplished only through education.”

My destination arrived and I walked down, paid him and thanked him for it.

Moral: in all circumstance, education is crucial in our daily lives. The problems, money and other issues may pass by however, knowledge and education will remain with us for a long time. It will have a positive impact in our lives , and the lives of others as well.

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