Christmas Story Highlights The Beauty of Giving and Love

Christmas present an unassuming young man was presented with his brother’s gift of the most fashionable vehicle. On Christmas Eve the young man took to take a spin in his brand new car as he looked at the car, he admired it. He stopped in the park.

“Is the car yours, Mr.” asked a boy. The young man smiled with satisfaction. “My brother gave me this fantastic automobile for Christmas,” the man said. The boy’s eyes were wide in amazement” Do you mean that your brother purchased this incredible car for you and it wasn’t even cost you any money? Oh my God, I would like …” the boy didn’t hesitate.

The man could tell what the young boy would want to have. Of course, he would like to have a brother who could afford the kind of car as beautiful as this. But the words that came out of the mouth of the boy shocked him.

“One day, I’d like,” the boy continued, “that could be an identical twin to that your father .”

The man was shocked and said,” Would you like to ride along in my brand-new vehicle?”

“Yes, Yes. I’d love to have it” excitedly the child said.

With glowing eyes and a smile spreading all over him, he asked, “Mister! Would you be willing to drive to my house?”

The man smiled, and he happily accepted the offer as they walked to their home. He was sure he understood what the boy was looking for. He wanted to show children who live in the same neighborhood that they could drive home in a luxury vehicle. But, the man was mistaken again.

A boy began to climb the stairs. The boy walked for a few minutes to return, and when he did to the car, he was carrying his brother who was disabled. The child pointed out the fancy car of the driver and said to his older brother “There it is exactly as I said. The brother gave the car to him at Christmas and it didn’t cost him anything. In the future, I’ll give you something similar to this. You will then be able to witness yourself the gorgeous decorations that are displayed in the Christmas windows that I’ve been trying to inform the world about.”

The boy helped his younger brother get into the front seat of the car The three enjoyed the most memorable holiday drive. The man was able to discover the true significance behind the phrase, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”

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