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Crystal Seldon Taswell: On Being a Teacher Detective

The school year that I attended God has provided me with a trustworthy boy as well as a girl who is also trusted from my classes. Every time I left for training, seminar, programs, and other personal issues, I left everything to themand their classmates’ attendance as well as the activities they participate in, the cleanliness of my classroom report writing and general peace of mind as supervisors.

But, my peace was destroyed when I had to pay two thousand pesos for my purse. Every person became suspect. At that point, I had my wallet close to me. I only allowed my trusted students to be near my bags and belongings. I kept the doors of my office shut whenever I visited different classrooms for my classes. My eyes were not as adept at detecting the culprit So I’d better forget the incident instead of worrying and build up stress.

The next month, when I opened up my wallet to pay for my month-long amortization bill, my spine began to shake and my hands shook finding my money gone!. I searched through my entire belongings including my wallet, my hidden pocket and my lesson plans the class’s record, and everything else in my room that was a mess. But it was not enough.

At home, our son as well as his spouse gathered in their decision of accusing someone of having visited for a brief time at our house. We made a few theories, assumptions and accusations. They were all based on hypotheses . Yet they are nothing.

On the day of January the following year , I experienced a loss. It was my honoraria as a college instructor .I ran to the bedroom that my husband and son were in, to tell them about my fear and loss. Questions , blames, doubts and accusations followed. They were unable to comprehend what I did to lose the huge sum of money. I was blamed for being negligent. Even though I tried my power to protect everything I was always unsuccessful.

In my room of resources I fell slack and in a casual manner. I was thinking about it for a long time but if I had been careful enough. Then, my trusted lady who all my woes, worries and my aches were relayed to came to me and informed me on her accomplishment of getting monthly dues paid and SSG contributions. I was elated and informed her of my financial woes on the day. She replied ” Thank you again, Ma’am! ” She was concerned and said she put in every effort to assist me determine who was the culprit because she was already hearing hearsays from her fellow classmates. I was so happy to have heard the comforting words. I was certain she would help me at that point and alleviate my anxiety and self-blame.

A few hours later she came to my office and informed me about the tagging of my trusted son in the case of the suspect. I was shocked! I felt like being deceived was even more intense than the feeling of being killed in the face of your foes. My friend was being examined after just a minute of report. He was crying so hard that his clothes were soaked with tears. However, when I questioned the former advisor of my girl I trusted for the information, she revealed the truth. My trusted girl was the suspect! The morning I was in class, before it finished, I appealed all of you to help me find the suspect. Around 4:00 in the afternoon of that day, I recited to that I had warned them to return my money prior to the investigation taking place. I also prayed to God using candles of black color. The black candles appeared to be an important clue to the truth. Then it was like…

” Ma’am, see what’s the ground!”, said my trusty pupil of mine.

My heart shook as I looked at the paper that had been ripped that I thought was a trash. I immediately emailed them when I saw the paper.

“Yes Here it is”, which I presented it to them. They were amazed and encouraged me to take the paper off. I followed the steps when I opened it, and was a surprise when I discovered the thousands of pesos!. I yelled ” Thank you Lord. “

There’s also a letter asking not to mention the event once more.

“Ma’am I’m sorry that I swindled the money that I returned the I,000 Ma’am Don’t tell your classmates that I’ve have returned the money. Do not discuss or mention any of this in class, particularly in the remedial class as it is hurtful to me. Thank you, ma’am. Would you like to take this 1,000 because I’m always hungry ma’am?

The boys went home by the time they left. The memories of the most significant events were reconstructed in detail by detail, and blame was attributed to the name of the suspect. Two eyewitnesses described the moment they witnessed their male classmates throw the letter into my office. Of of course one of the eyewitnesses was my friend. It was her who was the very first one to witness the real event and then called another girl to witness the exact same thing.

My surprise was that I was baffled by the name because the suspect was the criminal!. My trusted friend was the culprit? Do I believe it? What could he have done to me? He was seen pretending to scrub the floor. He got the paper from the bag, and then threw the paper into my office. I the TRUSTED GIRL. This was confirmed by another girl who was witness to the incident. The case was dismissed on the same day. We returned home feeling with a sense of satisfaction and happiness that, even though I still lose a significant amount of money due to the fact that a part of the case was returned, the person who was convicted of stealing will lessen the heat of accusations and will be a blessing to all.

The satisfaction of having won the case echoed in my mind as I recounted the incidents to my son and his wife.

Then, after pondering every idea of the letter, I immediately told my kids the letter was written with care even without punctuation marks. Then I realized that I had to take action. I started to look into the letter. There was a name of the receiver on the front of the letter ” To Mrs. Aparijo”.

Oh my God! I am imagining the writing of my adored BOY – the suspect. But I was certain, it wasn’t his penmanship.

The next day I called two of my students and asked students to recognize the handwriting on the letter. My world shattering as the identity of the woman, which was buried deep within my heart ( due to trust and love ) was revealed. It was also my suspect the night before, and was identified by two girls. The tears almost fell over because of the betrayal. They named MY TRUSTED LIRL.

I told everyone to return home with my two trusted people. The boy came up to me, crying and admitted to that he was the one who did it and pleaded for forgiveness. I was prepared to make that confession, but it shook me to my core that the person I trusted was betraying me!. As I asked what purchase for the money in the first place, it took him 2 minutes to respond .

” How can I tell you , Ma’am” He cried with rage. ” I can’t answer you this Ma’am, because I don’t have the money!

To make that announcement I immediately called my adored GIRL without hesitation , prompted by what I saw prior to the admission, I said to her ” The boy I spoke to said you were the one who took this cash!” This statement just was uttered in my mind because of anger, making me look foolish and my ego of slipping away because of the actions of the younger ones!. The girl made an astonishing admission ” How could I have been? “, and I set my New Year’s resolutions to not ever again steal money. Yes, I was guilty of it in the 7th grade, but I was adamant to thank God I never did it again!.

My shock was heightened when she shared with me without asking about her background the truth that destroyed her and made me distrust the person or even having a look at their background. This made me to realize that even my top education does not mean that I am secure from betrayal from the people around me. I ended our conversation with a special treat for both of them . I was required to notify the police, the guidance office , and the chief of police. My beloved boy interrupted my conversation with a comment that read ” I’ll bring my mom tomorrow ma’am. I replied ” much better”.

The next morning, I searched at my reflection for 2 individuals and told myself to put an end to my search for those who slammed my intelligence and ego today. After the flag raising ceremony I instructed two students to recollect themselves in my office. They also asked me to speak the truth, before that the director of discipline summoned an inquiry by the police. The prefect of discipline, Mr. Morales came and brought the two students to the prefect’s discipline office. He questioned them, and a couple of minutes after the mother of my beloved boy arrived. I closed my class and took her to the prefect’s discipline. She was crying for the hurt and shame of the incident as a parent. She couldn’t believe that her son was capable of such an embarrassing incident.

When I entered into the offices, I saw only two students. Herr. Morales was not around due to other concerns or issues at the entrance at the entrance to the school. But, he had finished looking into the matter, and no matter no matter how difficult his methods were to locate the culprit, it was not able to locate the perpetrator.

“This is the last!”, driving by my ego and anger, I gave them ball-pencils and a piece of paper in front the parent. I reprimanded them for an exam on spelling.

” One Write”English” in the first place. English” That was my first rule as I pleaded with God to provide His Holy Spirit with the ability to help me discern the culprit among His people.

“Number 2 Write the words to Miss Aparejo”. With this, I’ll be able to identify the culprit because of punctuation and letters. However, I shouldn’t stop there, I said to myself not to reveal my goal. I needed to keep repeating ” #3″ write …”

However, the interruption came from a boy who said his pen was no longer ink. I stopped and told the boy to take his pen from the room. In the meantime my hand snatched the paper and revealed another fact! He was not the only one! The conclusion was because of the absence of a semicolons following”To,” the words “To” in addition to the fact that my name was capitalized. God I pray that I can end this saga. I walked towards the girl’s side, and picked up her notebook. My surprise was that I saw things I was hoping to be able to see! The semicolon that follows”to” and the ” in” as well as the capitalized spelling of my name!

“YOU are the only one and you could not do it to me!” in my unison angry, stern and firm voice. It was my desire to shout anger at the betrayal as well as to celebrate being victorious in bringing the culprit to justice and defending the innocent the face of the parent. I asked her a second time and three times ” What could I do? …!”

Her body began to shake and her legs shook as she shielded her mouth from terror of her parent’s presence by her hands shaking in terror – fear of divulging the secrets of her life, and the fear of losing all the good things about her!

Then, I did not conduct another investigation.


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