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How a Terrible Law Student Became a Successful Lawyer


I have a close friend who has a reason that will become apparent but will remain anonymous. In this article, we’ll call him “Ted.”

Ted was not a great law student. He wasn’t very attentive. He didn’t really study for his exams, and he was at the low end of his class.

In the years following his graduation ceremony, his fellow classmates recalled his name for being the “guy who would always fall into a deep sleep during class.”

Ted was able to pass the bar exam – on the second attempt.

He was fortunate to land the job with an unassuming firm. He was not the best at doing the research and writing assignments given to him by his partners.

After a couple of years, Ted and the firm came to an agreement on the need for Ted to leave the firm. He was then offered a job in the office of the county attorney.

Ted was in charge of the legal issues that were arising within several departments within the local government. Fortunately, department heads continued changing their minds and it took some time for the director of the county attorney’s department to realize that Ted was an awful assistant. After a couple of years, Ted and the county attorney came to an agreement about the necessity for Ted to be let go.

Ted was facing tough career issues and adversity in his career and decided to start the office of his choice.

He rented a small room and was able to handle a few family law matters, misdemeanor criminal cases, and some automobile accidents.

Ted was at it and was unable to comprehend his legal disagreements. Within a couple of years, the majority of his attorneys who practiced at the exact same court as Ted discovered that Ted did not really know the law he was working in. Everyone realized that Ted was unprepared for the majority of the time and had any basic knowledge of the law.

Ted kept going.

The practice of Ted began to expand.

Ted is a good-hearted person. He takes care of his clients. He spends a significant amount of time talking to clients and learning about their lives. He is curious about what’s going on for them. Ted can be found talking to clients–it’s not like he’s conducting legal research or doing anything. He loves hanging out with those whom he represents.

Ted’s practice continues to expand.

Ted is sued for malpractice for not observing the time limit for filing an injury case. The attorneys and judges were not shocked. They were a bit surprised that it didn’t happen earlier.

Ted’s practice is growing. It’s difficult to find the moment to have a chat with his clients since they’re so numerous.

I spoke to Ted the other week. He was just back from two weeks in his lake home. He spent the majority of his days on the water. He spoke about the trip he took to Chile. He was proud to inform me of his daughter’s Ivy League school his daughter is attending. He’s driving a fantastic large Lexus.

When Ted was at the water, he held an event where more than 100 customers and former clients spent the entire day in the lake.

The situation is going well for Ted but he isn’t an expert on the law. However, he does like working with his clients and they like spending time with him.

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