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Marie Jackson: Last Day Of College

The last morning of school was full of memories and emotions. Today is the last day of our test and our last day in college. Everyone is anxious about the exam and emotional. The feeling was mixed. As we entered the college, the feelings were different for each of us. We are now aware of the significance of college.

We all made it to our exam halls. Exams began, and after the exam is over, we begin to create memories of our last day by filling in slam books and writing on our shirts Best wishes to one another. We are all realizing the importance of college and appreciate how important this school is and the time that we had in college with each other. All started clicking group photos more memories.

We all remember those times we spent with those lectures functions, celebrations, and friendships, the first time we met every single thing. We speak to our teachers, snap pictures with them and thank them for their contributions to our lives. We all began our journey at the end of college. We went to every class, hall labs, and hall. We also met our teachers and ate at the canteen where lunch was a fun space for all. We never imagined that the last day of college was crucial and important to us. When we took our college admissions. But we had no idea at the time that this college will be the ideal place for us.

College and the college experience is an essential and valuable elements of our daily lives. After sending our best wishes to everyone on their way to success, we began to make our way toward college and visit the college for the last time. We all said goodbye to each other in a heartfelt way and vow to see each other in the future and remain in touch with each other. Then say goodbye and vow that they will visit the college once more and move on to their new lives.

Nowadays, everyone is busy with their daily lives but we think about college and those wonderful times. College is an excellent stage of our life. We will miss the days when we are all free birds to fly. The day we left college that we’ll never forget we have those shirts that are written by all of us and our best wishes remain in our hearts. Everyone can remember college’s final day. It can be described as a wonderful day or an emotional day. Everyone has their personal defiant for the final day of college.

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