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My Amazing Full-Day Dubai City Tour Experience

It was not a long time since to declare “Yes” to this event in which I was selected to participate in Dubai! For corporate travelers like me working in various cities can be a great addition to our travel list. In addition, when the title is Dubai the city is anything less than a total boon. From the moment I arrived, I decided to head on a full-day Dubai city tour and explore the amazing sights of Dubai.

Dubai is The ultimate shopping destination that draws every fan with its modern shopping malls as well as traditional souks. It is the only seven-star hotel. The rich history, heritage, and vibrant life of the city create the most memorable holidays.

It was interesting to note that we had an off day during the course of the conference. Everyone was eager to explore this gorgeous city since the moment we arrived in the city. Therefore, my first mission was to locate a cheap day-long tour guide for the city.

The internet has made life easier nowadays. I also prefer to Google to find the highest-rated and most popular daytime guide available in Dubai.

Of the names, I chose to filter I wrote emails to all of them. TravelPlanDubai is the very first one of them to respond to my questions.

In actual fact, I was awed by their chat support which constantly answered my questions and made reservations. The rep we spoke to arrived in the lounge of the hotel and concluded the booking

The Tour Day

My coworkers and I eagerly awaited the TravelPlanDubai team to begin the Dubai City Tour. We had prepared ourselves in accordance with the itinerary that was provided by the TravelPlanDubai team.

The punctuality of their service is something you can be thankful for. They were punctual in their pick-up time and the latest car with air conditioning arrived at the hotel’s doors for me at the agreed time.

Dubai is among the most desirable destinations for business travelers without a doubt. Business travelers travel to Dubai often to attend meetings, exhibitions, and conferences.

The white beaches, the rugged mountain topography, historical structures, and serene deserts provide peace and tranquility.

Dubai is a bustling destination for everyone who enjoys leisure. The heritage museums, theme parks, traditional souks, and shopping malls will offer you moments of amazement after the other.

Your moments of awe will never end in this stunning contemporary city.

We booked the 8-hour Dubai day trip through with the intention to explore the best of the city in just a day’s worth of time.

In our conversations with them, we were aware that they could modify the city tours to 6 or 4 hours for those with little time specifically Dubai Airport Layovers or Transit passengers.

Because we had a whole day off for 8 hours of Dubai city tours was the perfect choice for us.

The Journey Begins

Fortunately, the tour guide who was accompanying our group was an English professional who spoke English. His knowledge of the city’s history and development and his sense of time as well as his road and direction grasp was amazing.

He took us to every one of the places we’d chosen. He gave us fascinating facts about the historic sites of Dubai which even Google didn’t have any information about.

Yes, there are times when we require an individual who is local to get to know the area more. There is no way that Google research will provide enough to provide information about a city as a local will guide you.

The most enjoyable aspect of my friendly driver guide was his uncompromising commitment to our convenience. Throughout the entire trip, we were entertained by narrating his stories on the town.

Our colleagues are all fluent in English or if they were stated by our guide. TravelPlanDubai assigns exclusive language guides as required, at an extra cost.

Let’s take a look at the locations we visited during the initial 4 minutes of our Dubai City Tour.

Burj Khalifa (Photo Stop):

Since I first learned that I would be going to Dubai the first thing I thought of was to go to this stunning huge tallest skyscraper in the world.

Burj Khalifa was an ideal experience for me. I was excited from the moment we entered Burj Khalifa.

It is important to note that the City Tour doesn’t cover access to the Observation desk. We were fortunate to book our tickets on the internet and we also merged our visit to the observation deck with City Tour.

When we reached the top of the most imposing structure in the globe using a lift, we made a few stops to view the city from various elevations. It was truly heavenly.

If you gaze out from the high floor all the world appears in your eyes. It’s a feeling that transcends word-for-word description. The world appeared to be within my arms through the windows of the glass doors.

The splendor of this lively country is evident from the vantage point we were at. The city’s aristocracy was right before our eyes. There is no other place I could ever enjoy this stunning sight.

We took pictures to preserve the memories of this beautiful place.

Note Be aware that you must reserve your tickets online ahead of time to access Observatory deck.

Palm Jumeirah Island & The Atlantis Hotel:

Our trip through Palm Jumeirah Island was another spectacular experience for us. My fellow travelers and I have seen pictures of the island in the papers that we were given during the conference we attended the day before.

We had a great time getting to see the island which has the form of a palm tree on the ocean. Our guide gave us some interesting facts about the island from space.

The Dubai government and world-class engineers have made a feat possible by building this massive city right on the ocean. We stopped at Hotel Atlantis, the world-class hotel, renowned for its luxurious facilities.

Really, I’ve not been to a place as beautiful as this. The hotel is as if it just emerged from the water of the sea. The style that the property has is magnificent.

Palm Jumeirah Island is a stunning place to visit. The bridges and roads constructed over the ocean captivated every person who saw them. There is nowhere else in the world that we’ve seen such impressive designs of engineering and architecture.

It took us a bit to fully appreciate the magnificence in this magnificent Hotel Atlantis. We took as many photos as we wanted. Our guide guided us to click the most stunning views from specific angles so that we could take the best shots of the landscape in pictures.

Burj Al Arab, and Jumeira Beach:

Our guide then drove us to the stunning Jumeira Beach, listed as one of the most popular attractions in Dubai by a number of respected sites. For myself I could easily take a full day or even longer at the beach just admiring the turquoise sea.

It gave me complete peace and tranquility. We took a stroll along the beach and took photos.

My European friend admitted that he’d never been to such a beautiful beaches anywhere in the European nations prior to. We stopped for a photo at the world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. The hotel is famous by its skydive landing.

The helicopter’s landing on the property was an event we were eagerly experiencing. We took a few stunning photos of this magnificent hotel before moving on to our next stop for photos at the Jumeirah Mosque.

The Jumeirah Mosque (Photo Stop):

The beautiful mosque was built into 1979. It tells the history about the architectural legacy of Islamic faith within the capital city. Jumeirah Mosque Jumeirah Mosque Is beautifully constructed and draws large people every day.

We were told earlier by our tour guide, we must be at this Mosque at 9:45 a.m. for entry and view the mosque from the inside. The trip was for a day for us, and since we wanted to visit all the places we could during this brief trip. we decided to not enter the mosque, and instead view the mosque from the outside.

We enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the place when we heard the sounds of Azan being released. We were filled with feelings of calm and peace.

Get ready for An Abra Ride:

Then, we got to take an Abra ride! We were all thrilled to go exploring the sea aboard the local vessels. Once we got to the Jetty, we could spot numerous Abra on the sea. Our guide scheduled one for us and we were ready to have a blast.

We cruised through the streets of the city and marvelled at the beauty of this stunningly constructed city. Our attention was only on the beauty of everything. You won’t find dust or dirt in any point in Dubai. Dubai.

The city view from the two sides of this water ride was absolutely breathtaking. We snapped pictures of Dubai from this view of the water.

The city is beautiful when we view it from boats. A professional tour guide will maximize your time and make sure you get to every spot you’ve chosen in the time.

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