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My First Solo Travel Experience In Europe

After years of imagining I finally made the decision to take my first backpacking trip in Europe. After finishing the season, I believe that my first solo trip was a huge success. Fantastic memories, exciting places as well as new friends, creating unforgettable memories.

What was the first time I alone traveled What I was doing, what did I travel, and most important did I gain something from it, and was there any growth? Let’s learn!

Why I Went On A Solo Trip

To understand why we must return to the past, just at the beginning of the year 2020. There is a custom of us of gathering, sitting together, having a discussion about the future, and planning for the near future. We make lists of the new goals and dreams of the goals we hope to achieve during the coming year. I was aware that I wanted to break away from my routine life and do something unique. One of the things that I recorded was that I wanted to travel backpacking in Europe. This plan has been useful to me for a while and I decided that I’m going to go for it regardless of what.

The New Reality Or Chance?

At the beginning of this year, I believed that this would be a memorable year but after just two months, it was revealed that it was going to become “special”. An uninvited “friend” was determined to alter the World (Corona in case you don’t understand). A gentle and painful strike right at my sweet place. Do you think it’s a new fact I must accept, and better to stay home? At first, it may be felt like that.

Nothing changes until You Choose

However, shortly after, I gained confidence I made some significant decisions like I’m going to leave my job, I underwent eye surgery to relieve myself of school and I wanted to travel backpacking. It was like no one else (from those I’d like to on an adventure with) was able to achieve the same dream at the start of the new year. It’s like I’m going to be traveling on my own at first.

Preparation For My First Solo Travel

It began with the most crucial step. One day, I randomly examined flight tickets that allowed me to solo travel for the least amount of money. It was Vienna that was the least expensive. In that year, I had to make a lot of fast decisions, and I realized that If I didn’t purchase immediately, it’s much easier to put off buying. Therefore, I set an exact date for the purchase. There was no other alternative to cancel my plan.

Basic Preparation For A First Solo Trip

Following that, I bought everything I needed, beginning with a backpack, a sleeping bag, and a mattress. I decided not to opt for a tent as it would take up too much space in the backpack. I was surprised to discover that all the backpacking gear is designed to be minimalist so that you can squeeze lots of things into one backpack.

Additionally, I conducted some research on COVID restrictions, and the documents to bring along and it was basically all. I wanted to leave plenty of space for spontaneity.

First Experience With Couchsurfing

In the beginning, I also searched for a suitable place to sleep. I decided to test the renowned application Couchsurfing. It’s a local community in which people from the local area provide accommodation for travelers. I’m sure I have lots of great memories because of this application. I had numerous requests and one of the locals accepted me with no references to my account. Also, I owe my host points because of having that confidence in hosting a complete stranger.

Where Was I On my First Solo Travel?

As I mentioned earlier, my first solo trip was to Vienna, Austria. After that, without a plan or even a map, I wandered around. After Vienna, I toured Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava. I took a few tourist excursions within Bratislava’s city. Visited smaller Slovakian places like Nitra and Banska Bystrica. Then I traveled to one of my favorite cities Budapest (Hungary) and then, following that, due to the accident that I had, I laid back on Lake Balaton for two weeks. Then, I spent an active, quick month in Slovenia. In the end, I completed my tour of Italy in just five weeks.

In my 10 weeks of solo travels I traveled to five countries and all of their capital cities. In my first travel experience, I went to so many new destinations, made a number of wonderful memories, and had a blast with the locals. I put an end to my travels and then it was time to go back. The “second wave” began to hit and it cooled off to Ljubljana (Slovenia) over the next two and one-half months.

What I saw and did While On My Adventures

I visited new places I’d never seen before and tried some new things I’d never done before. Isn’t that the purpose of making lasting memories? What memorable trip could that be if you never do something new?

Allowing Some Space For Spontaneity

As mentioned earlier, I was determined to leave as many places as I could for spontaneity. At the very least, I knew the places I wanted to visit and had a few points on my “bucket list” however, I mostly wandered around based on recommendations from people who live nearby or oddly unique spots. There were numerous times that I awoke and was unsure of what I would be doing to go to bed the next night. Sometimes, I was fortunate and got a place to stay, and some nights I slept beneath the stars.

Making Some New Things

The truth is, I was traveling on my own at first. I was traveling on my own and didn’t want to spend that much so I reduced my expectations and looked for outside-of-my-comfort-zone options.

1. How To Receive Free Sleep?

To rest, I took advantage of the previously mentioned. Couchsurfing isn’t close to uncomfortable and is the most enjoyable activity you can do on your journeys. But camping in wild areas on fields or beaches on the property of someone else isn’t like sleeping in bed. There were times in Italy when I stayed in wild camping for 4 days in a row. There were also days without showers. But, I’m not complaining, it was a blast.

2. Take a free ride

Since the beginning, there has been an effective method to gain free rides – that secret technique is hitchhiking. I’ve tried it numerous times and failed many times and also saved some cash. When I got lucky, I was able to find a room after I took a ride along the road.

3. Volunteering For A Week

Something new for me was volunteering. To do this, I downloaded the WorkAway application and spent a week at Lake Balaton, and helped one family with their farmwork. It was a wonderful week, and I enjoyed an entirely new experience traveling solo. I had a great time with my family and I would love to volunteer again.

The Most Important Factor To Experience the Ultimate Solo Travel Experience

Numerous little details helped make my trip enjoyable. The most significant aspect was meeting new people at Hostels, Couchsurfing, or even through Tinder. It’s great to hang out with locals in the city, take a hike together in the mountains, or have a nice night out. According to the old saying: “It’s not really about the places you’ve never seen before it’s more about the new people that you meet at those locations”. This is a great tip to remember to follow when traveling on your own in the beginning.

Things You Need To Deal with When Solo Traveling

The first trip on your own could not be the most enjoyable often, especially when it comes to backpacking. A normal backpacker is someone who is looking to save as little money as feasible. As we said, hiking and camping in the wild are a few ways to reduce expenses and also spend less. There are additional issues to consider when you travel on your own.

1. A Little Alone Time

This is one of the things that can be a pain at times. If you move to a different place, you’ll have to start over all over again. You’re not familiar with anyone in a different place. Then you download a couple of apps to meet strangers However, I was not fortunate often. There were times when I was in locations that were too small of time, and it was not feasible to meet someone in a hurry.

2. Main Challenges

The three main issues I faced that I faced each day while backpacking included where I was staying tonight as well as how I proceed in the morning, how I eat, and how I do it in the smallest amount of money feasible. It’s not a big problem with a shorter journey, but initially, I did not have a specific date for my end. Therefore, I reduced my requirements frequently, so that I didn’t be able to eat macaroons during the final few days. It was difficult to find a campsite or even a hitchhiking trip. Additionally, the additional food and water in my backpack caused me to carry additional pounds. However, I’m not going to complain as it was my decision.

3. Flexibility

I’d say that it’s an essential element to have the best first-time journey on your own. After your first trip, it’s so simple. However, imagine being very strict with your plans, for instance, how long you’d like to spend in a place or when you’ll arrive at a location. I’m pretty sure things don’t align with the original master plan. It is important to remain flexible and go with the flow. You may not be able to visit every place you’d like to However, at the very least, you should visit the majority of the places you can find the time for.

The Benefits of Traveling Alone

As you travel, you’ll find many advantages of traveling solo. Beginning with courage itself and ending with self-reliance. Here are a few.

1. Being Your Best Friend

There are those who say it’s a good idea that you need to explore. to discover the things you excel at, and how you respond in stressful situations. Therefore, feeling lonely isn’t that’s a problem. It’s an essential skill to know how to keep up your yourself when there’s not anyone to help you. Concentrating more on your inner instead of external causes is the best way to triumph in the majority of circumstances when your moods are trying to convince you not to do the right thing.

2. Meeting People

If there’s too much time alone, it is recommended to make amazing new people. It is likely that solo travelers will make new friends quickly since there is the need to communicate over time. There are new friends to be found at a hostel, in travel apps, bars, or, if you’re brave enough, in the streets as well. The first time you travel solo is more memorable when you get to interact with locals.

3. The Chill is Here!

Solo or not, discovering new destinations makes you feel more relaxed. There’s nothing to think about, but doing it day in and day out and being relaxed.

This is one of the skills that people who are first solo travelers can acquire, and when they’re not overreacting, most of the fight is dealt with effortlessly. If you are traveling on your own when you are traveling on your own, you must make all decisions by yourself. What to do for a night’s sleep where to sleep, how to reach there where to stay, what you’re eating, and all the other what ifs. After some time, it’s not difficult.

4. More confident, knowledgeable, and Empowered

The decision to travel on your own for the very first time has already been quite sloppy and could earn you some honorary medals from your family and friends. It’s not like everyone would do it as they feel they won’t be able to make it. I’m not sure why but I’ve heard that excuse from other people when I was traveling.

Another issue is that people are scared to be alone in a new place as they are afraid of what could happen as the outcome if everything goes wrong. I’m sure horrible things could happen anywhere and even in your home. But these decisive choices to take action, as well as simply looking around, can make you more confident knowledgeable, confident, and empowered. Create a picture of the world using your own eyes and not via the news media.

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