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Visiting The Exciting World-Famous Redwood Forests, California

It’s been two decades since we’ve been frequent travelers in America. The US. My American dream has clearly defined contours, and I am hoping to complete its many facets with each subsequent visit to this incredible country. In the past, we explored the world-renowned Redwood trees of California. We were hoping to recreate the thrill from a long-distance road trip, and so we set out in an RV to California’s Redwood country. It is a fascinating fact about giant redwood forests. . A word”RV” in North American English, stands for a recreation automobile’ and RVs are basically homes that have motors in them. The idea of living in a motorized home is something we all are eagerly anticipating! Prior to our departure there, we had a lot of housework to complete. On the day prior to our departure, we rented a 29 feet long vehicle. The person at the rental led us through the entire process things we had to learn about operating the devices in the RV, hooking up to water, electricity, disposal of sewage water, and so on. Drivers were advised to look up the availability of RV hookup spots and the kind of electrical connection available in the different campgrounds for RVs. Other options included looking for several dump stations and shower facilities; as well as the local attractions and other activities.

We made sure we had lots of camping equipment for RVs and were always ticking off our list of items to check off. We carried lots of things including ready-to-eat’ food items snacks and ‘idli batter’, clothing, cameras books, and so on. until my daughter finished the endless list of things we needed to bring and reminded us that it was just three days!

It is possible that you want to find out what the inside of the RV appears like and how it operates! Its interior is functionally equipped with a kitchen that is functional (a miniature fridge three burners of the electric countertop, as well as a micro-oven) as well as the primary entrance is at the side of the vehicle. The dinette can transform into an area for sleeping since the dining table is transformed into a bed. There is a wall-mounted TV as well! It’s a compact but cozy double bed, with a curtain and a bunker bed that needs some agility to climb into and out, but once you’re there, it’s fun and the kids are thrilled. The curtain blocks the entire bunk area and turns this bunk bed into a personal private space.

In the rear, there is an unassuming ‘green room’ which has a toilet, shower mirror, and wardrobes. It is recommended to use the facilities for toilets in campgrounds and use these toilets only sparingly. The water from the toilet and kitchen is accumulated into two tanks. After being filled, they need to be discharged into the sewers within the parks for RVs. It is crucial to make sure that all hoses and devices are in their proper places following each activity.

After having meticulously completed our homework at home after which we set off in our motorhome singing “Three delightfully good people” ……”, even though there were just six! To protect ourselves all the items in our small space had to be secured while moving, and cleaned during our camping trip. We ensured that the refrigerator and the cupboard doors were locked prior to our departure. Leaving Fremont, north of San Francisco, during dusk with the intention of driving on Highway 101 we were bound to the Redwood country that lies between Eureka within California along the Oregon border. Coast redwoods are one of America’s most well-known natural treasures and are the planet’s largest trees. I was elated like a child when our vehicle traveled across the highways. The driver who was bold and chose to drive this long and large vehicle was our family member. Even experienced drivers can be nervous when they first find themselves driving a motorhome! I had put the pressure cooker right beneath my leg. I took a round the bend and it was off in the opposite direction! Luckily, there was not any food inside! After a few hours, we left our RV at a campground near Calistoga as well enjoyed a comfortable night’s rest in our motorhome.

The next day, the landscape was transformed into a fog-strewn wilderness. We went to Calistoga located near the bottom of Napa Valley. Calistoga is a charming small spa town with natural hot springs as well as spas with mud. We visited Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot springs resorts to take a mud bath to relax and feel very rejuvenated and fresh!

After our return to ‘home,’ the meal was prepared of idlis and chutney, the sabzi and rotis. Umm! A nice aroma of Indian cooking inside our RV! A relaxing nap, and hot steaming tea, and off we go to the Old Faithful geyser. Welcome to the Californian show Old Faithful, a spectacular natural-led performance-prime model of geothermal energy! The water is bubbling and the rising steam announce the geyser’s existence to the outside world. Old Faithful sends the column of just a few thousands of gallon of hot water to the sky. The boiling hot water at 350 degrees, shoots around 60 feet high into the sky for three to four minutes , and it then disappears. Repeated performances last about 40 minutes between them, every day and night, after year!

We had planned to drive down to Eureka for a night’s rest and came across an RV park called the Shoreline RV Park in Eureka that has RV hook-ups. Reversing an RV is difficult even in bright daylight, and particularly after 10pm! The obstacles that are low down might not be visible in the mirror, so the most efficient method to reverse to a campsite is to get someone standing outside and steer it using hand signals. This was what I did as driving. We played bridge, and children watched their preferred cartoons on the handheld DVD player. We connected an water source to refill the fresh tank of water .After some time we heard a series of sound effects that were popping up. After a bit of investigation, we discovered the presence of a large bump on the floor of our RV! Because it was our first time on an RV and we weren’t aware of the fact that we had filled up the reserve water tank, where the inflow was much faster than the outflow. Luckily, the tank didn’t rupture! Then we had to face the reality of dirty clothes had accumulated in our RVs! The next day , we collected everything and took it to the laundry facilities that is available in RV parks. There are some RVs that include dryers and washers however they can consume a lot of space.

An exciting day began following an enjoyable night in our campervan and we headed out to visit the most anticipated Redwood forests. Near the California and Oregon border We were pleasantly surprised to see fog sandy beaches and numerous kinds of campgrounds within the dark, old redwood forests. Here are a few unexplored and stunning forests that astonish the senses by their sheer dimensions. Humboldt County, home to the highest and most extensive stands of redwoods that have been in the old growth has beautiful drives and nature trails to explore the massive trees. pictures I took were not particularly impressive, because I couldn’t find a method to capture the impressive dimensions of these trees. Each tree stood taller and straighter than its neighbors in the ever-changing battle for sun. The picturesque Highway 101 winds for hundreds of miles on across the West Coast, but the best part is in the forests that are redwoods of Humboldt County. On one side, you can see massive Redwood trees, while on the other side is the former US Highway 101, an attractive highway. We took a trip on this world-renowned scenic drive which is the most impressive display of massive Redwood trees that are found in the belt and easy access to trails, the historic town and a drive-thru. We also took a drive through the “Klamath drive through tree it was a memorable experience. The hollow base of this gigantic tree is carved with an opening to allow cars to pass through, just like a conventional road tunnel. This is a stunning work of art!

The redwood trees come in different dimensions and shapes. They look like the wrists of an elderly man. Some trees appear like a pair, having conjoined base that makes it appear as if they’re holding hands. Some are a shade of tan-pink while others are grey. etc.

Walking through a grove of redwood in the morning with fog covering the ground was a pleasurable experience. The sounds were reduced to the tinkling sound of water flowing through mossy rocks and ferns. Light is fading with shadows of the sun, suspended like cobwebs. Stillness and peace cast their spells on the traveler. Then we drove through the city of Eureka and came across some gorgeous Victorian houses that are still in their original beauty and grandeur.

The RV experience is a great way to save money and also gives you the opportunity to unwind and be with your family. Everywhere I went, I felt the strong American attitude, the feeling of pride in their nation and their unquenchable desire for excellence. Ican categorically state that my experience in the RV was far superior to my conventional vacation. Needless to declare that the memories from our camping in RVs will last for a lifetime. Anyone who has a lust for wanderlust and travels in an RV, even for a short time, is at risk of getting this bug!

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